Saturday, February 15, 2014

Place to beware of.

Attic Bar, Lazimpat.  Good food, Good Music, and Good drinks. Make a visit. You wont regret for sure.

Are you cheerful and a bliss person? Check in....... the pros and cons of your cheerful nature.

Cheerful-me, Problem or Remedy?
"One's person edible mushroom can easily be others deadly night-shade". Aww! this quote............... heard so many times from my mom (however never happened to understand) for my freely talking and vanity nature. And today, I am finally realizing what she meant and wanted me to understand.
As a cheerful guy, I am sure to make open and free conversations with almost all whom I have known , happen to meet, and whom I often hang out. I think every individual blessed with good talks do such. This very nature of mine or any others, is likely to be adore by many. I mean, who wont want a friend with witty humuor? Who wont want a friend who decorates your day with laughter and generates positive vibes around your circle? And it is all same in my basket too, people hardly have a single best friend, but I have many. my friends in college are barely recognized by my teachers and our juniors/seniors but I am known by almost all in my college. my friends need courage to visit Principal or Director, but me............. I can easily give my appearance to them or take theirs .my free talks and cheerful nature has made me adjustable and adaptable in all the circumstances. And  this is the fact of undeniable truth what I proudly stand for.
As said and experienced "every coin has two side". The same is applicable to my cheerful nature. Helplessly. Certainly, with all these previleges I am offered from my witty remarks, I am thrown a flocks of embarrassment, anger, regrets, frustrations and many more such rageous adjectives. I ask my classmate (girl), for a hug in a hug day considering a jokes apart. But she gets pissed off feeling embarrassed among her and of course mine too , peers. My cousin sister ask me to find her a good tution teacher. And generous me... with an intention to help her get a one too. But due to some unfortunate cause, He departs. And my sister gets mad on me putting all the wrong done in her studies  on my light shoulder. Wait I have another one too.This one even more outrageous . I make a online interaction with my friend's girl , formally addressing her as "BHAUJU" . But no, not a tiniest favor from god even this time. Eventually, my friend mistakes me for cheating him behind his bones. He means a betrayel, of which I never ever imagined. My side-effect career of cheerful and open nature doesn't stop here. There are many unbeatable records I  have set and undoubtedly would set  many (unfortunately) in the future too  regarding this field.
Thereby I ask, "Cheerful-me, Problem or Remedy?"

We-12 Graders

You dreamt of being a class ten student,
 When you were in eight or may be less,
 You reached ten,
 Again you wished,
 to be in 11 And 12 grade....
All those teen fantasies,
Long hairs- tight pants,
Coloured life and of course hot chicks on side.....
Who knew , it would turn this yell?
, Who knew the days would be as boring,?
 As its meaning doom and dark workless as hell.
Now, I utter- Damn! those school days,
were so fun and our craz for holidays.
Damn! this 12grade boring and fear,
all around with exams to fail.